Collaborative robots and lasers for industrial use

Who are we??

K-Industria EOOD is the official distributor of Han's Robot for Bulgaria. We offer our customers all models of collaborative robots from the Elfin series. In addition, our activity also includes design, manufacturing of automated machines and lines to optimize various processes in large factories and small enterprises. K-Industria also offers a wide range of laser machines, grippers, CNC ,3D printers. Our mission is to deliver high quality equipment to our customers and provide them with service and staff training. Hans Robot is part of the Han`s Laser group ,which is manufacturer no 1 of lasers in China and a top manufacturer 10 worldwide. Detailed information about the collaborative robots we offer, lasers ,cnc and grippers for industrial use can be found by browsing our site.

Shenzhen Han’s Robot Co., Ltd., is a subsidiary and established by Han's Laser Technology Group. Han's Robots is a high-tech enterprise, created on the basis of the robot division of Han's Motor. It was founded in August 2017 Mr. with headquarters and production base, located in Han's Laser's global manufacturing base, District Bao'an, Shenzhen. Han’s Robot is dedicated to development, the promotion and application of intelligent robots in industry, healthcare, logistics and many others ,becoming a world leader in the field of intelligent robots.

What is cobots?

collaborative work

Collaborative work(cobots) are robots of a new generation ,who can work together with people.

Advantages of cobots ;
-Six axis freedom of movement ;
-Easy programming ;
-Easy integration ;
-Rapid implementation in various production processes ;
-Intuitive software ;
-Safe to work with people ;
-No safety fence required ;
-Reduce risk assessment ;
-Explosion proof certified ;
-Waterproof ;
-They are suitable for monotonous work ;
-They are suitable for working in hazardous environments;
-They are not heavy;
-Ceiling installation , under ,wall and at an angle;
-Low power consumption;