Elfin Е10

Technical parameters
Model E10 / E10L
Total arm weight 40kg / 42.5kg
Payload 10kg / 8kg
Arm span 1000mm /1300mm
Joint speed (max) J1-J2 – 100°/S
J3-J4 – 150°/S
J5-J6 – 180°/S
Repeatability ±0.05mm / ±0.1mm
Tool speed (max) 2m/sec.
Freedom of the joints ±360°
Final input/output 3
Electrical box I/O ports RS485/RS232 16 digital
2 analogues
Communication TCP/IP and Modbus
Power I/O 24V 2A
Input power 200-220V AC / 50-60Hz
Current consumption 100W
Security options 10
Work temperature 0-50°C
IP Level IP54 / IP66
Basic material Aluminum
Tablet cable length 5m
Programming Graphical interface

Elfin E10 collaborative robot and E10L – The robot is very easy to integrate into different productions and is suitable for different operations;
*grinding details
*powder coating and conventionally
*moving details
*welding, soldering
*unfolding and twisting
*inspecting details

*picking up and feeding parts to various CNC machines, automatic cutters, syringe machines
*press work
*work in a hazardous environment
*are suitable for training students, students
*replace operators

All Elfin E10 and E10L collaborative robots are six-axis and can reach different places resembling a human hand, as well as reach their own base unlike other robots. The robots have ten safety features for working together with humans. These settings are very easily configured according to the wishes of the customer and the safety distance to the people working nearby. No security fence required, which saves a lot of space.

The equipment of the robot includes: robotic arm, control box, all necessary cables and control tablet. Each robot has a Linux operating system installed and graphical software for programming and control. Assembling the robot and running it takes less than 15 minutes.

Certificates ; CE, ISO10218 – 1, IEC60204 -1, EN61000-6, ISO15066